Real Estate Investments in Turkey

Most of Turkey is influenced by the Mediterranean type of climate with mild warm summers and cool winters (300 sunny days in a year). Turkish people are friendly and welcoming towards foreigners. You will enjoy living in Turkey, as the cost of living here is much cheaper than in any other European nation. Turkey has stable economic growth of 6.8 % with increasing exports for the last eight years. High potential of well educated and quality labor force with reasonably low salary costs. Unemployment rate of Turkey is around 9.5 % and low crime rate.
There are many attractive villas and luxury houses in Turkey that foreigners generally consider buying as a second home.   Buying property in Turkey is a good investment and makes sound economic choice. Since October 2005, Turkey has begun negotiations to be a part of the European Union. Once it becomes a member, the property prices will almost triple there. This makes buying property in Turkey a good idea if you are looking at it as an investment. Now, property prices in Turkey are still lower than anywhere in Europe. The area of any personal property owned by the foreigner should not exceed 30 hectares. Foreigners at any time can sell the real estate belonging them and the received sum to take out abroad.

   Buying property in Turkey has become so uncomplicated and easy that since 2005 almost 70,000 foreigners already own a villa or a second home in Turkey.

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