TAPU is the only document verifying your right of ownership to real estate in Turkey. The issuance of this certificate is carried out at the cadastral registry agency which guarantees that the legal base of the deal is treated on the governmental level.
This titular system of registering your right of ownership (tapu) gives you an indefinite and full right of ownership to your real estate which no person can dispute.
There are two types of Tapu: blue and red.
The “blue” Tapu confirms one’s right of ownership to a parcel of land with no constructions
The “red” Tapu confirms one’s right of ownership to real estate constructed on a parcel of land.
Tapu should necessarily have the following:

• Cost of the real estate being purchased;
• Address of the parcel of land where the real estate acquired is located;
• Passport-size photograph (2 colored photographs are required);
• Information about the parcel of land being registered at the cadastral registry office;
• State of the parcel of land (as is specified by the cadastral registry office );
• Total area of the parcel of land belonging to the new owner (in proportion to the size of the land acquired);
• State of the real estate belonging to the new owner (type of property);
• Cost of the real estate acquired
• Information about the former owner(-s);
• Information about the new owner (-s);
• Data of acquisition by the former owner;
• Tapu number received by the former owner while registering (it is altered upon each transfer of ownership);
• Registration information of the new Tapu;
• Date of acquisition by the new owner;
• Signature of the authorized person and the cadastral registry office stamp.


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