GLOBAL-T is a company representing and working with major construction firms of Aegean region in order to provide highest quality property and investment opportunity at the least cost. Our team consists of professionals fluent in Russian, Turkish and English. Our aim is to provide you with full package of services in process of finding, purchasing and managing your property in Turkey. Our corporate philosophy is to be honest, clear and transparent in all expenses and charges you will encounter during the process of purchase and sale.

Our services and process of owning your dream home in Turkey.

We will help you to find property or investment project that meet your needs. To do so you do not necessarily have to travel to Turkey. You can search through the portal for the property of your dreams and ask us to organize virtual tour while you rest comfortably at home in front of your PC. ( Contact us for more details on this service)
If you decide to visit Kusadasi and see the property you have chosen via our virtual tour we can organize your trip, meet you at the İzmir airport and assist you in process of buying the property.
We will also guide you through the legal matters. All of our specialists are fluent in English, Russian and Turkish.

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